Itadakimasu Japanese Cooking Lesson March 5 Report

Lesson menu: Chirashi-zushi, Tempura and Yakitori

Cooking lovers from the United States and Japan, gathered in Itadakimasu cooking studio in spite of the heavy rain, to learn how to cook fine Japanese cuisine.

Nishishiba sensei gives lesson in Japanese, and I assist him with English translation for our english speaker guests.  
 Lesson started with vegetable cuts.

Our American guests were amazed and found interesting to learn the Japanese fine cutting techniques.

Professional cooking tips for making delicious sushi rice at home, were all very informative for Japanese as well!

Making a good dashi (Japanese Umami soup stock) is the basic of fine Japanese cooking.

The tempura dipping sauce made of this dashi was so delicious!

 Done with all the preparations, ready to start cooking!

Yakitori can be made easily at home with a frying pan.  This teriyaki sauce smells so good while cooking!

And learned how to fry crispy tempura.  Shrimp tempura looks fine when fried straight with plenty of batter! 

Making shredded omelette looks easy when it's done by the teacher... Let's try ourselves back home;)
Serving and decorating Chirashi-zushi toppings is fun time!  Getting hungry and almost there!

Introduction of today's sake Kaiun (開運) served by sommelier Shoko san:)  Refreshing sake that matches the meals so nicely:) 

And finally "Itadakimasu (いただきます)"!!  Oishii (おいしい meaning delicious in Japanese)!

It was a very informative Japanese cooking lesson, even for Japanese, and so much fun to share the joy of cooking, and cross-cultural exchange!  Hoping that our American guests enjoyed our Omotenashi Cuisine, we are looking forward to welcome more guests to our next lesson on April 15!
Otsukaresama deshita (お疲れ様でした) and thank you (ありがとう)!

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  1. Chef seems very nice and and pro :) I hope i can join before i leave japan :)

    1. Thank you for your comment! We are looking forward to welcome you to our cooking studio:) Any request of menu you wish to learn?