Tsukiji "ichi-go-ichi-é 一期一会" cooking class report

Located near the Tsukiji market, this cooing class starts by visiting the fish market where variety of seafood gather from all over Japan.

Sales person can advise you the delicious way to eat.

You can ask the shop to provide your desired portion.

After enjoying shopping at Tsukiji market, we move to our cooking class place by passing side the long cue in front Sushi shops.

Cooking lesson takes place in a private residence in Kachidoki, with magnificent view of Tokyo Bay.

Naoko sensei obtained Le Cordon Bleu diplomat in Paris, and she is a "connaisseur" of good ingredients.

Dashi is the heart of Japanese cuisine, which provides the basic flavor.

Informative and participatory lesson that both beginners and advanced cooks can enjoy.

Hands-on lesson for participants who wish to try sashimi cut.

Tips for selecting Japanese tableware are very informative too.

You will also learn how to present beautifully and deliciously on the plate.

In 3 hours, you will learn 2 appetizers, main dish using fresh fish purchased from Tsukiji market, and 2 desserts.  English recipes can be provided.

Enjoy the meal with Japanese wine selected by sommelier Naoko sensei:)

We welcome foreign residents and travelers in Japan.
Japanese wine can be replaced by sake as per request.
We are looking forward to meeting you, as the Japanese word "ichi-go-ichi-é (一期一会) means: Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.

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