Let's make sushi roll like a pro with Nishishiba sensei

Cooking lovers from the United States and Japan, gathered in Itadakimasu cooking studio to learn how to make Sushi Roll, Tsukune Yakitori and Chawanmushi.

Everyone is in charge of ingredient preparation.

Minced meat for making Tsukune must be mixed well with hands.

Shaping the Tsukune mixture into patties.

Yakitori can be made easily at home using a frying pan.

Fry both sides of the patties, then add the Teriyaki sauce.  Smells so good!

Full of professional tips to prepare delicious sushi rice.

Started Chawanmushi preparation while cooling the sushi rice.

Control of the heat is important to succeed steaming the egg mixture into a firm pudding.

Start making sushi roll with Makisu (sushi mat), the essential tool to roll sushi.

 After spreading the sushi rice, put cling film on top and turn it over.

Put the sushi fillings on top of the seaweed side.

Then roll it tight.

Slice the roll with the cling film on, then take them out after served on the plate.

Sprinkle the flying fish roe.

 Serving the Tsukune with raw egg yolk, which goes well as a garnish.

Introduction of today's sake by sommelier Shoko san, to enjoy the marriage with the meals we made.

And finally "Itadakimasu(いただきます)"!!

It was a very informative Japanese cooking lesson, even for Japanese, and so much fun to share the joy of cooking, and cross-cultural exchange!  Hoping that our American guests enjoyed our Omotenashi Cuisine, we are looking forward to welcome more guests to our next lesson on Sep 30!
Otsukaresama deshita (お疲れ様でした) and thank you (ありがとう)!

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