Sake Japanese Cooking Class Report

Sake lovers gathered in Roppongi, to cook Japanese meals and enjoy sake from Saga prefecture.

Chef Airi san of 101 café gives healthy café-deli cooking lesson in Japanese, and no worries, I assist her with English translation for our english speaker guests:)

Menu 1:   Lasagna of baked bran from Iwate 

Menu 2:   Handmade Ganmo of Tofu and Wakame (seaweed)

Cooked rice in Donabe and made Onigiri

Menu 3:   Onigiri of Umeboshi (dried plum) and Wakame (seaweed)

Meals ready!  Let's eat:)

Today's sake from Saga:  Sachihime Junmai Daiginjo and Genshu were so delicious:)


Ganmo served with SobaCha and salted kelp was so nice!!

Iburigakko, Japanese radish smoked pickles from Akita prefecture was a great match to finish off our Sake cooking dinner:) 

There are so many delicious regional sake and foods in Japan that even Japanese don't know.  We will continue to hold such events to welcome foreigners and Japanese sake enthusiasts to share the joy of drinking delicious sake from all over Japan, with cooking tips that you will be able to enjoy food pairing at home after the class:)  Come and join us!!

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