Cooking class for children "Oishii おいしい!" report

It is never too early for kids to start cooking.

You may think that it is dangerous for your child to use a knife, but the importance is to teach children how to safely use it.

Welcome cheerful family from California, ages 11 and 14.

Lesson menu Gyoza, as one of their favorite foods:)

Sealing the gyoza may look difficult at the beginning, but children are fast learner.

Achieved to create a nice fan effect in such a short time!  Smart kids, aren't they?

Frying gyoza is the next big challenge.

Giving the pan shake to release gyoza is man's work;) 

Smells very nice while cooking that we get so hungry.  Let's eat!

Handmade Gyoza is the best you can eat:)  Oishii (means delicious in Japanese)!!

Thanks for coming to our cooking class at home:)
We welcome foreign residents and family travelers in Japan.
Looking forward to sharing Oishii おいしい experience with you!

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